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The cafeteria of our centre is ready to serve you with seafood and other required foods and beverages in any occasion. The restaurant which is located within the Mirissa Tourists Zone, belongs the honor of preparing fresh and delicious foods for our guests. The sea view cafeteria has been built up with a view to catch more exiting moments of surf players while having the taste of our experienced chefs cuisine. 

Surfing Point

Endowed with a welth of golden beaches,Sri lanka is one of the most reliable surfing destinationsin the indian Ocean.Since early 60s, Sri lanaka has been attracting surfers from all over the world.

Surfing is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides on the creat and face of a wave which is carrying the surfer towards the shore.Waves suitable for surfing are found primarily in the ocean , but are also some times found in lakes and rivers, and also in manmade wave pools too.

The best surf points in srilanaka are located on the Sourthern coasts.Coastal belt running opposite Coral Beach Hotel spreads up to the sea waters and the spot has become very popular and famous among the foreigners. A centre (Surfing School) for getting a learning in surfing is been conducted near the Coral Beach Hotel. All equipments required for surfing could be obtained from the Coral Beach Hotel.



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